14 Questions To Ask the Club or Coach Before You Join

Recently we got the news that one of our players was leaving the province suddenly as his parents had a great new job opportunity. It’s always disappointing when a player moves and leaves your club but in discussing it with the players parents we wanted to try and help them find the right club for their player.

To help the players parents we devised the following questions for them to ask any new club coach or administrator to help them try and evaluate and find the right type of club for them.

Here are some questions any parent should be asking when looking at joining a new club, program or team.

  1. What is the practice to game ratio for the team?
  2. How many practices are available in the Fall/Winter & Spring/Summer?
  3. Is it just the team that trains together or more than one team?
  4. Does the team only train with that teams coach?
  5. Is the team decided by a tryout system?
  6. Does the coach have a kid on the team?
  7. Does the coach, coach other sports or just Soccer?
  8. What is the curriculum and focus for the training?
  9. How much is individual skill development for the player vs tactics to win games?
  10. What opportunity is there for advancement?
  11. What extra help or classes are available for players that need to improve?
  12. Are the coaches paid or volunteers?
  13. What coaching courses does the club require the coaches to have?
  14. How many players on the team are Soccer only players, they do not play other travel sports?
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