At South West United Football Club we believe that why we do what we do is far more important than what we do or how we do it. We are looking for players and parents that believe what we believe and want their players to be in the type of environment we provide.

Here are a few of the core reasons Why we do what we do.

WE BELIEVE that there needs to be a Soccer Club which caters to players whose first choice of sport and passion is Soccer. This club needs to be designed to benefit these players first and foremost, it needs to provide the opportunity for these players to get the practice and instruction they need to reach their full potential as a Soccer player.

WE BELIEVE that players who are passionate about soccer deserve to be coached by coaches who are passionate about soccer, who live and breathe soccer and who are knowledgeable about how to teach and develop young players. They should not have to be coached by a volunteer parent who is only coaching the team because their child is on the team or no one else wanted to coach the team.

WE BELIEVE that the current model of introducing young players to the game of soccer, developing them and training them using volunteers and unpaid, unqualified coaches is fundamentally flawed and does not cater to the the player but to the parents and the organizations. We will continue to challenge the current model and practices in order to create a more player focused club and environment.

WE BELIEVE players who are crazy about soccer wand want to become great players and improve their game deserve to be around other like minded players. Players that want to practice and play the game.

WE BELIEVE every player regardless of their skill level should have the opportunity to work hard, practice and achieve their goals in the correct environment for them. Players who are not ready to be part of a team based on their skill level need somewhere they can belong and at the same time develop those skills to reach the goal of being on a team. Players who have reached the level required to be on a team should not be held back by players who have not reached their level yet.

We do this because this is all we want to do everyday !

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