August 10, 2019


Southwest Utd Soccer Club is a youth soccer club made up of  two clubs, Southwest Utd Chatham and Southwest Utd Lakeshore. We offer the same soccer programs in both of our locations so all of our players have the same opportunities and are taught how to play the game the same way. Each location has its own teams and practice sessions.

Our season starts in September and runs through until the following July with scheduled breaks in December and March and the Summer OFF. All players are guaranteed a spot on one of our Club Teams (local play) there is also an opportunity to be selected to play on our Michigan Select Teams who play in the Spring and Fall in the Michigan Youth Soccer Leagues.

No matter what level of play you are at or which team(s) you are playing on you will receive the same training and coaching as all other players in the club delivered by the same paid qualified coaches. We do not provide a different level of coach or experience to players based on their ability, we teach the same style of play and principles of how we want to play soccer to every player.

Southwest Utd is privately owned and operated. The club is run by a full time administrator and technical director and has a staff of paid certified soccer only coaches. We do not operate under the typical board and volunteer structure that most youth soccer organizations do.

Southwest United exists to provide young players with soccer  throughout the year so we can help develop each play to their potential. The player is always first and the team is always second for us. You will not find backroom politics or coaches with agendas based on other sports they coach, you will find an equal and fair opportunity for every player to learn, develop and play based on the effort they put in.

Want to learn More? Use the contact form at the bottom of the page. Call or Text Club Technical Director Jon Johnson on 519 890 7923 or send an email to