December 10, 2019

Chatham Boys Academy Development League

For Boys Born 2008 – 2013

If you are looking for a completely different soccer experience for your player this year where the emphasis is on learning how to play and on quality coaching then you should try our Academy Development League. The program is player focused and all decisions on how it runs are based on whats best for the players, based on youth development best practices sourced from several major Soccer playing nations

7 Reasons To Chose Our Academy Development League For Your Child

1. We strive to provide the same standard and quality of coaching for all players. All coaches have completed our Academy coach course. Coaches are not selected and then left to their own devices with no support. All sessions have an Academy Director or Academy Head Coach present to ensure the coaching curriculum is being followed.

2. All players taught the same concepts and how to play soccer. At Southwest Utd we advocate a style of play that is possession based and founded on finding and exploiting space and time. We do not teach the typical boot and run soccer which requires little skill or thinking and excludes the majority of players who are not the fastest or most athletic.

3. Equal playing time for all players. All players will get equal or as near to equal playing time as possible. We will not play only certain players in order to win a game.

4. Team sizes, field sizes and goal sizes based on ability levels of the players and what is best for their development as a player not what adults want to watch. We advocate smaller pitches and teams sizes for younger and beginner players, this ensures they are more involved in the game at all times.

5. Teams are selected based on a combination of players age and ability. Age is a very poor measure of ability so we do not use this as the only method of grouping players, players need to be in the environment that will challenge them and also let them have success.

6. Every session combines practice, instruction and league games. The practice and instruction portion of the sessions are just as if not more important than the games at this stage.

7. Unlike other programs our we have a very limited capacity. We only take on as many players as we have qualified coaches to accommodate. Bigger is not better if you have to sacrifice the quality.

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