April 22, 2019

Club Development League – (2007 – 2012)

Goals Of The Program

Get all players as much playing time in games as possible.
To focus on the individual players in the game not the score or result.
To get beginner players as much time with a ball at their feet developing their individual skills and technique.
To provide players with opportunities to play with their friends and also to play with new players and develop new friendships.
To give players a wide experience of playing different positions in games.
To give players an opportunity to play in the environment that best meets their needs based on their experience and ability level.
To create environments which are challenging for players and games where the level of play of both teams is as even as possible.
To encourage players to be creative, to take risks and try new things without the fear of failure or worrying about the overall outcome of a single game.
To develop their knowledge of the game and start learning how to play Soccer inline with the Southwest United method and curriculum. Soccer is a multi directional game the ball does not always have to go forward !!!!
To create teams and competition that gives all players an opportunity to win and loose.

How We Group Players

Players Are Grouped Based On A Combination of Age, Ability and Physical Size (Called Bio Banding)

Our aim is to group players where they can enjoy the game and have success and be challenged. Grouping players by age alone does not achieve this as different players have different levels of experience and ability. We try our best to create the right environment for each player.

Grouping by year of birth alone also does not take into account the relative age effect. A player born in January and December of the same year can be vastly different in abilities both mentally and physically.

How We Select Teams

Initial Teams Are Selected After Week One When We Haver Had a Chance to see players and assess their level and group them accordingly so we can provide the right level of training and game play for them. Teams may grouped into different divisions based on their level of play, again the goal is to create games which are as competitive as possible for all teams rather than having one team win every game by double digit scores, this is not beneficial for anyone involved.

Teams May Be Adjusted Throughout The Program

We will most likely switch up the teams throughout the season. This avoids having one team that dominates and wins every game. Players need to have a variety of experiences and we want them to have a chance to play with a variety of different players while they are with us.

It is likely teams will be switched up 2 or three times throughout the course of the program.

As Few Players On Each Team As Possible To Give Each Player More Playing Time

One of our other goals is to give each player as much playing time as possible so we do not have teams with lots of subs. We do not want players sitting on the bench watching. In order to do this team sizes need to be smaller and there are times when players are missing so we may move players around to fill in on teams with missing players. We would rather do this and ensure more playing time than have set teams with a bench of subs.

The smaller the game format the better it is for the players engagement and they will also have to learn to defend and attack in the game at all times. There is plenty of time and opportunity to play larger game formats as they get older or if they choose to join one of our club or select team programs.

Championship Format

Instead of having one winner from the entire season we play a weekly Championship format. Teams play a series of shorter round robin games followed by semi finals and finals so every week there is a new Championship team.

Guidelines For Structure Of Sessions

2012/13 = 40 mins practice/development 20 mins games

2010/2011 = 30 mins practice/development 30 mins games

2007/08/09 = 20 mins practice/development 40 mins games

Field Size & Team Size Based on Age and Ability

We determine the size of the field, the goals and the number of players on each team based on the players age and ability. The younger and more inexperienced the player the smaller the team size and field size. This is all done to maximize the players involvement in the game and provide a game format designed for their age and stage of development.

Why We Don’t Have Assigned Coaches

The goal of our program is to let players experiment and express themselves in games and come up with their own solutions. So rather than put a volunteer parent in charge of coaching a game we have our coaches referee and guide the gameplay.

Many times when we have coaches in charge of games the focus becomes on winning the game rather than player development and in these cases the knowledge of the coach is limited and does not align with what we are trying to teach.

The coaching is done in the practice portion of our sessions, when players get to games we want them to be able to play and own the game experience not respond to what a coach is instructing them to do. Our coaches will give some feedback and help in games but we try and limit that so players can learn themselves in the games.

No Coaching Or Instructions From The Sidelines Please

One of the rules of our Club Development League is that parents should be a reasonable distance from the field of play and we ask you all not to coach your child or shout instructions at them whilst they are playing.
The game is the players time to experiment and try new things and learn on their own. We are trying to develop players who can think for themselves, make their own decisions and solve the problems they see on the field.

Having a coach or parent who is shouting instructions at the player is counter productive to this process and hurts the player in the long term.

Most times the player can not hear the instructions
If the player has heard the instructions, by the time they can process it the moment has passed in the game
If the player is always receiving instructions they do not develop the ability to make decisions themselves
Many times the instruction that is given is not inline with what we are coaching the players to do and this causes confusion for the player as they are not sure whose instruction to follow
It puts additional pressure on the player

Instead of giving instructions what we ask is that we all react and encourage our players when we see them doing something well or when they try to do something even if it’s not successful.

Do Players Need Cleats and Shin Guards?

Shin guards are necessary for this program. Cleats or soccer boots are advisable as field conditions can sometimes be a little slippery.

Are Uniforms Included?

Club shirts are provided for all players, If you have them we encourage players to wear black shorts and socks, but this is not necessary unless you already have them.