August 11, 2016


Southwest United Football Club was launched in May of 2016 by Jon Johnson the owner and founder of the Soccer Skills program which has been providing individual skills instruction programs in Chatham , Windsor and Lakeshore for the past 5 years. The club was launched to give players an opportunity to train and practice year round with the club.

Unlike many programs the club operates as a club not a large recreational house league program run by volunteers with a bunch of different teams under a variety of coaches who are left on the whole to their own accord. At Southwest United FC there are less coaches but all of the coaches are involved in the training and development of all of the teams and responsible for delivering the Clubs standardized Coaching Curriculum.

Southwest United FC received its full OSA club status in January 2017.

Southwest United FC does not utilize any volunteer parent coaches, all coaches are paid employees pf the club.

Southwest United FC fully supports and implement the LTPD program as recommended by the OSA. Our approach is to work far more on individual player development up to the age of U13 rather than trying to put together winning teams consisting just of the best athletes at that age.

We do not run tryouts for our teams under the age of U13, we operate an open roster policy where will take as many players at each age as we have coaches to coach them. We are actively involved in trying to develop each player and get them ready for the U13 level when the game gets competitive. Its a marathon not a sprint, there is no point burning out these young players with games and tournaments at the younger ages as by the time they hit 13 they will be more likely to quit the game.