July 28, 2017


Our teams play in the Michigan Youth Soccer League in the Spring and or in the Fall. Teams are selected before the Spring season starts from any players registered in our Academy Program. This gives players a chance to practice and develop their skills in the Fall and Winter with the goal of being selected to play on one of these teams. All players get the opportunity to play lots of games in our own Development League program with the top players selected to represent the club.

We select what we feel is the most appropriate level of play for each team in the Michigan League and then we self promote pr relegate the team based on performance.

Players train and practice in Fall and Winter and then play their season in the Spring giving them the Summer Off to enjoy vacation with family and pursue other sports and interests.

All players get the same training and instruction in our Academy Program with the same coaches, with the end goal of being named to the Michigan League team at the end of our season.