April 22, 2019

Tiny Tekkers Parent & Player Program (2014 and Younger)

Player Groups

Players will be split into manageable sized groups and each group will have a coach helping their group. All players will follow and do the same activities but within their group, sometimes we may utilize stations where your group switches coaches and activities throughout the session.

We will put players into groups based around ages and also friends, so if you indicated there was a friend you wanted to be with we will do our best to put you with that person. If you forgot or want to be with another player just talk to the coaches and we will see if we can move people around to get you with your friends.

What Does A Session Look Like?

Each session we work on a variety of age and stage appropriate activities and games.

Some activities are designed to help players work on their physical literacy (running, jumping, changing direction etc) these are basic motor skills that players at this stage have not yet mastered. A good example of this is an obstacle course or different fun relay races.

Some activities are designed to introduce players to a soccer ball and how to control it, kick it, dribble it and master it and have fun with it.

Some activities are fun games where the majority of players will have a ball and get them to use a variety of ball mastery and physical literacy skills to play the game.

Some activities will be 1 v 1 Player versus Parent or 1 + 1 Parent and Player activities.

Finally there may be some very small sided games for the players that show the skills required to actually play a game and get something out of it. At this age not many of the players are equipped with the skills required to play anything that resembles a soccer game and they get very little enjoyment from it.

Why Do We Ask Parents To Be Involved?

At this age parental involvement is very important for a number of reasons.

1.Having the parent with the young child really helps put them at ease and makes getting them involved in the activities far easier when they have that familiar face with them.
Young children will respond better to the parent at this age than they will the coach and will be more willing to try new things and the parent can more easily persuade and encourage the young player to take a risk and give new things a go.
Having the parent involved increases the participation of the young players and frees up the coaches to work on the activities rather than spending time trying to get the young players to play.

Parents enjoy this time being involved with your young payers development, its one of the few times you will be on the field with them! This is also a great chance to learn some things that you can take away and do with your child at home to help get them started on the right foot. Nearly every great player started playing soccer at home with their parents or siblings at a very young age.

Will The Players Be On Teams Playing Games?

Players that are ready will play some small sided form of soccer game, it will not be more than 3 v 3 and may feature multiple balls. What we as adults view as a soccer game is just not a feasible or applicable activity for most children at this age who are just being introduced to the game. At this age players are very player centric they do not understand the concepts of team play or sharing and very few have any of the required skills needed to actually play a soccer game effectively.

One thing we are doing with the design of the Tiny Tekkers program is making it 100 percent based around the needs of the young player and not about what we as adults may want to see. We have all heard parents talk about kids sitting picking daisies instead of playing soccer. This is normal as the game of soccer that we think of as adults is not appealing to players at this age, most are not equipped with the skills required to play the game yet.

We must be conscious of what these young players are able to do and what is going to excite and stimulate them and get them wanting to come back and master that ball every week.

Being yelled at constantly while trying to play a game they do not yet understand and do not have the skills to play is not going to do it for these young players. The program and activities at this age must be geared toward each player and their enjoyment of playing with the ball.

Any players that do display the ability required to be able to participate and benefit from a more organized game will be given the option to move up to the Club League Program if it is beneficial to the player.

Do Players Need Cleats and Shin Guards?

Shin guards are not really necessary for this program.
Cleats or soccer boots are advisable as field conditions can sometimes be a little slippery but when the weather is good and fields are dry any type of running show will be fine.

Are Uniforms Included?

We do not provide a uniform for the Tiny Tekkers program as it is a free program paid for and covered 100% by the club. Club shirts for players are available for purchase and are $10 if you would like to purchase one they will be available on the first night. Club shirt is an optional purchase it is not required.

If you have them we encourage players to wear black shorts and socks, but this is not necessary unless you already have them.